Classic Wedding Rings

Classic wedding rings is that perfect choice jewellery for newly engaged couples in the market for traditional, always-existing rings. Like all jewellery classic wedding ringscome in yellow gold, white gold, & rose gold. Rings are sold in a variety of widths, ranging from 2mm to 6mm depending on your finger size. The Classic Wedding bands are known for their solace. Engagement Ring differ from them, because the two people who wear the wedding bands must be comfortable with wearing them all day. Choosing a classic wedding ring is critical when deciding the width. The width of your wedding ring matters on ones preference.

When selecting classic wedding rings, understanding width (mm) is also critical. The width of your wedding ring is entirely a matter of personal style. Some men and women prefer wider bands while others prefer dainty bands. If a lady with small hands has a wide engagement ring, choosing a dainty band for her wedding ring match is preferable. A lady with larger hands can handle wider bands on both engagement and wedding rings. It is recommenced that a Classic Wedding Ring match the engagement ring style.

Carved Wedding Rings

Carved Wedding bands are the choice for women who prefer a classic wedding ring with design features like a carve. The Carved Wedding Rings have carving designs on them, which are plain and do not have any engravings or patterns. Women with simple or understated engagement rings, often choose to wear intricate carved wedding rings. Carved wedding ring would not be prefered to look be next to an engagement rings.

Diamond Wedding Rings

Women’s Diamond Rings are Classic Wedding Rings that have diamonds set inside the band. The ring will give off a beautiful sparkle. Most Diamond Wedding Rings come in Yellow Gold, White Gold, & Rose Gold. Width of bands are between 2mm – 6mm depending on finger size.

Anniversary Wedding Rings

Tradition has it that Anniversary Bands are given on milestones of the couples anniversary. Women prefer the Anniversary Ring to be half a shank of diamonds. Most popular are 14k Yellow & White Gold anniversary rings which come in all different styles & sizes.

Eternity Wedding Rings

Eternity rings represent eternal, undying love. They are a symbol of a lifelong commitment in the wedding. Women’s eternity rings are the perfect gift for anniversaries or a special occasions. Eternity rings are diamonds that have been set all the way around the wedding band and sparkle beautifully when worn alongside your engagement ring.