Pallotta is committed to our products; standing behind everything design & manufacture. The Warranty is not covered by Pallotta Jewellers where the defect:

(a) is caused by normal wear and tear or is otherwise due to normal aging arising from uses.

(b) is attributable to repair, service, or alteration performed by anyone other than a Pallotta Jewellers representative.

(c) is attributable to accident, misuse, mishandling, and contact with chemicals, fire, earthquake or other external circumstances.

(d) rhodium plating on white gold jewellery (white gold jewellery is rhodium plated to enhance its appearance and this plating is not permanent and will require further plating to maintain the enhanced appearance).

(e) loss of brilliance towards a diamond overtime (diamonds must be kept clean to assure their most brilliant performance and lotions, powders, soaps and even skin oils will cover a diamond in film and will reduce its brilliance).

If your Pallotta jewellery fails because of a defect during normal use during the Warranty Period and a valid claim is received by a Pallotta Jewellers retail studio store within the Warranty Period, Pallotta Jewellers shall repair your Pallotta Jewellers at no charge.

If Engagement Ring is returned for repair within the warranty period, only the remaining term of the warranty period will continue to apply ( e.g. if your jewellery is purchased under a 12 month limited warranty and returned for repair after 11 months from the date of purchase, once the repaired Pallotta Jewellers is returned to you, the remaining warranty term will be only 1 month and any other repairs after this remaining term of one (1) month will be outside the original warranty period, and will be charged accordingly). No Pallotta employee, representative or agent is authorized to modify, extend or add to the warranty period.

Only The Diamond Wholesale Studio may inspect a defect with your Pallotta Jewellers Item to determine the nature of the defect, and decide whether the claim is a valid claim under the warranty. If repair is necessary, Pallotta Jewellers will send your jewellery for repair at the Studio. Repair is only available at studio location.

As provided above, repairs under warranty are at no charge. The warranty does not cover any other charges, costs, expenses, taxes and duties that you may incur to obtain repair of your jewellery under the warranty period, including, without limitation, shipping charges, customs duties, and value added tax.

If you have a valid claim under the warranty from a jurisdiction that is not the jurisdiction of original purchase of your jewellery, Pallotta Jewellers will not be responsible for any import and export laws and regulations.

Voiding of Warranty, Exclusions and Limitations

The Warranty is voided if:

(a) the Pallotta Jewellers product identification, including trademark, trade name or logo, is altered, defaced or removed from your Pallotta Jewellers;

(b) Pallottas products is not maintained in accordance with the jewellery care guide.

(c) the warranty procedures of Pallotta Jewellers in place at the time of the valid claim are not observed and followed, including your providing satisfactory proof of original purchase of your jewellery.

(d) the original warranty certificate, with an up-to-date inspection record, is not provided to Pallotta Jewellers with your jewellery or if this certificate has been altered in any way.​

Exclusion & Limitations

Except as expressly provided in the warranty, Pallotta Jewellers excludes all express or implied warranties, conditions, terms and obligations, whether oral, written, statutory or otherwise, including, without limitation, those concerning the quality of your Pallotta Jewellers, merchantability or fitness for any particular purpose, and with regards to hidden or latent defects.

Neither Pallotta Jewellers nor its parent, subsidiaries, or affiliates, nor any of their respective employees, representatives, agents, contractors, directors, officers, shareholders, successors or assigns shall be liable for any damages of any kind whatsoever, whether in contract or in tort, including, without limitation, direct, indirect, special, incidental, punitive, or consequential damages, incurred or suffered by any person relating to any defect, damage, or repair of your Pallotta Jewellers or its loss of use.

The liability of Pallotta Jewellers under the warranty shall be limited to repair of your jewellery as noted in this warranty. Maximum liability for your item will not exceed the purchase price of your product.

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